Heat Pump Maintenance

Since January 2000, users of equipment containing refrigerant fluids, such as air and ground source heat pumps and air-conditioning systems, have been required to ensure that their equipment is in good order and that a leak check is carried out once a year. This maintenance and leak check should be recorded on the inspection certificate and a copy should be kept for 5 years.

As part of the annual maintenance, the technician would carry out the following checks, as applicable:

  • Verify that the electrical connections are tight and that the voltage and current measurements are at the correct level for the particular machine.
  • Measure the insulation resistance of the electrical circuits
  • Clean the condensor coil and ensure that it is not blocked by debris such as leaves or newspaper
  • Check that there has not been a leak of refrigerant
  • Verify that the refrigerant charge is correct
  • Verify by testing that the percentage of antifreeze in the central heating system is correct for the regional minimum temperature
  • Clean the filters
  • Clean the evaporator coils
  • Ensure the condensation drains are free and unobstructed

It is essential that the technician that is to carry out the annual checks, is properly licensed to do so. As of 5 July 2011, it became an offence for anyone not in possession of the certificate of fitness to assemble, charge, put into service or maintain air-conditioning equipment (Décret 2011-396 du 13 avril 2011).

Companies that carry out the maintenance of air and ground source heat pumps and air-conditioning systems usually offer maintenance contracts. These give the user the confidence that a competent and licenced technician is available to maintain their equipment and that they know, in advance, what the annual maintenance and any unplanned intervention is going to cost.

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