Looking for a reliable plumber in your area? Need a bathroom conversion, kitchen extension or underfloor heating? Then look no further, our qualified and experienced plumbers are able to satisfy all of your plumbing requirements.

We mainly offer plumbing services in the Haute Vienne, eastern Charente and northern Dordogne, but jobs in other departments are not out of the question. So, wherever you’re situated in the Limousin, Poitou-Charente and Dordogne then give Masters Electricité a call and we’ll do our best to help. We specialise in everything from installing underfloor heating using all heat sources and boiler repairs to general boiler maitenance and servicing of your plumbing and heating systems. As all of our employees are trained to deal with almost every plumbing eventuality from seemingly minor routine tasks to complicated jobs we are confident that we can offer our customers a professional and inclusive service to rival any of our competitors.

Plumbers in the Limousin

We have a proven record of high quality work in the renovation and conversion of bathrooms. We offer either the complete package where we supply and fit the sanitary ware and tiles that you have chosen from our ranges, or alternatively, we install the items that you supply.

We are professional gas installers and are able to carry out all work, whether it is the extension or moving of an existing gas pipe, or putting in a completely new gas installation. Please note that in France, all work on gas installations, even minor alterations, should be tested and inspected by an engineer certified by Qualigaz or equivalent french organization.

There is a lot of emphasis nowadays in France on environmental awareness and in the reduction of energy consumption, particularly in the burning of fossil fuels. We are able to advise you on the savings possible through the replacement of old, inefficient boilers. We supply and install both gas and oil condensing boilers, wood gasification boilers or alternatively we can connect your existing central heating system to an air-source or ground source heat pump.

For the production of domestic hot water, the fitting of roof-mounted solar panels is a popular option for reducing one's carbon footprint. We are Qualisol qualified installers of these systems and supply and install quality solar panels, cylinders and associated equipment from reputable manufacturers.

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