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A wood burning stove makes a great source of heating in your home, whether it is used as a stand-alone device or used as a supplement to another form of heating, e.g. boiler fired central heating with radiators. They are very popular in our part of France because of the abundance of fuel available at a reasonable price. However, as with all forms of heating, they should be installed in a safe manner, so as not to put your home and the occupants at risk. At Masters Electricité, we have been trained in France on the correct installation of stoves and flue systems and are Qualibois qualified.

We supply and install wood burning stoves from reputable manufacturers, such as Godin and Supra. However, we also fit stoves that our clients have purchased themselves.

Freshly cut wood should never be used in a wood burning stove. Only wood that has dried out properly should be used in a wood-burning stove. If the wood in not dry enough, it will produce more tar and soot when burned and it is more likely to cause a chimney fire. Depending on the type of wood, it may take up to two years to dry out enough to be safely burned.

As well as allowing the wood to dry out thoroughly, make sure the flue leading off the stove is properly maintained and cleaned regularly. The french regulations require a chimney or flue to be cleaned twice a year, one of which must be during the burning season. The technician will raise a certificate of 'ramonnage' as evidence that the chimney has been cleaned and he will annotate any observations on the form. During the cleaning process, the technician will check the condition of the stove itself. The user should remove ashes from the stove once a week and check the condition of the glass and door seal.

An Invicta wood-burning stove and flue in the Haute Vienne


Godin Cerval 13 kW wood-burning stove installed in the Haute Vienne

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